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Electro galvanized welded wire mesh how to weld (1)

Electro galvanized welded wire mesh how to weld (1)
Electro galvanized welded wire mesh welding:

When welding related 304electro galvanized welded wire mesh products: due to the characteristics of stainless steel itself (for example, the thermal expansion coefficient of 304 stainless steel is 1.5 times that of low carbon steel and high chromium stainless steel; the thermal conductivity is about 1/ of low carbon steel) 3, while the thermal conductivity of high chromium stainless steel is about 1/2 of that of low carbon steel; the specific resistance is more than 4 times that of low carbon steel, and the high chromium stainless steel is 3 times that of low carbon steel.), with carbon steel Compared with the welding of stainless steel, it has its own speciality, and it is easy to produce various defects in its welded joint and its heat affected zone (HAZ). Pay special attention to this soldering. For welding materials such as stainless steel wire, electro galvanized welded wire mesh, etc., if necessary, degreasing and descaling treatment is also carried out to improve the welding quality.

The argon arc welding process is the most commonly used welding process in stainless steel mesh deep-processed products. Argon arc is a gas shielded welding technique. That is, a protective gas argon gas is passed around the arc welding to isolate the air outside the weld zone to prevent oxidation of the weld zone for the purpose of double-sided forming. The technical feature is that the back side of the bead is filled with argon, small current (generally the welding current is about 60A, the current can be manually adjusted), short arc (the arc voltage is below 10V, the voltage is generally not adjustable), and the welding process swings with a zigzag In the way, the temperature between the layers is as high as possible, and the color of the weld is white and yellow. The angle of the argon arc welding torch is 90 degrees and below in the forward direction, and the gap is controlled at about 2 mm.

electro galvanized welded wire mesh

Welding galvanized welded wire mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh, etc. It is produced by a fully automatic stainless steel welding machine. Stainless steel welded wire mesh is produced by the principle of resistance welding to complete the welding of stainless steel mesh: its circuit is closed so that the entire closed circuit and current are equal; but the resistance can vary from place to place, especially at the point of non-fixed contact. The electric resistance of the welded wire mesh machine head is the largest, and this resistance is called contact resistance in physics. According to the law of thermal effect of current (also called Joule's law), Q=I^2; ×Rt shows that in the case of equal current, the higher the resistance, the higher the heat generation, and the electric resistance of the stud is the largest when welding. The electric heat generated in the part is naturally the most. When the column head presses the transverse diameter and the longitudinal diameter together, a large amount of heat is released, so that the transverse diameter and the longitudinal diameter are instantaneously dissolved and bonded. Since the fully automatic welding machine is a row of studs at the same time, the production efficiency of the electro-galvanized welded wire mesh is extremely high.


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