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Hexagonal Wire Netting features and use

(1) the economy. Only the network surface tiled wall, construction cement can be used

(2) simple construction, no special skills.

(3) strong ability to withstand natural damage and corrosion resistance and the impact of adverse weather.

(4) can accept a wide range of deformation, but still, do not collapse. Fixed thermal insulation effect

(5) excellent process base to ensure the uniformity of coating thickness, corrosion resistance, its service life up to 20 years

(6) save shipping costs. Can shrink it into a small roll, roll into the moistureproof paper package, take up a space very few, appropriate exit

Hexagonal Wire Netting

Hexagonal Wire Netting use:

(1) fix, keep warm and insulate the wall

(2) heat preservation and insulation for piping and boiler in power plant.

(3) anti-freezing, shelter protection, and landscaping protection

(4) raising chickens and ducks, blocking the chicken and duck house, from the maintenance of poultry effect!

(5) maintain and support seawalls, hillsides, roads and Bridges, and other waterworks


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