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How much weight can PET steel strapping normally withstand

PET steel strapping
is a relatively common items packaged products, they can withstand the tensile strength compared to the quality of PET steel strapping is much worse, under normal circumstances that can withstand 200kg below the tension and gravity, for high-quality plastic steel PET steel strapping load-bearing range is very large, even under the 200 to 500kg of gravity,
PET steel strapping
To ensure that the finished pet steel strapping excellent performance, the choice of PET steel strapping material required to have a certain primary protection, is the use of PET steel strapping material to the need to provide packaging products to protect the surface, so that you can give the product to create a lightweight and has a high protective surface, which for dust, And can also ensure uniform packaging of goods by force, in order to better avoid some unnecessary damage, much more advanced than traditional packaging.


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