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How to Recycle Polyester Strapping

Polyester Strapping, used to secure a variety of items for shipping and packaging, may contain polypropylene or polyethylene materials. Instead of throwing away Polyester Strapping, you might recycle it instead to reduce waste.

Recycling Polyester Strapping depends on the materials it contains and your local recycling program. Although many local municipalities do not offer curbside pickup for Polyester Strapping, you should be able to find a recycling center that will accept the strapping by the drop-off.

Polyester Strapping

Examine the Polyester Strapping to find the recycling symbol embedded in the plastic. This symbol indicates what materials the strapping contains. Expect to see a triangle with either a “4” (polyethylene) or a “5” (polypropylene) inside.

Contact your local curbside recycling center and ask if they accept Polyester Strapping. Give the recycling symbol number to identify the materials contained in the strapping.


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