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How to nail a reinforced concrete wall?

The building is made of reinforced concrete. It is very strong. I want to hang the picture on the wall and hang a watch. I can't nail it into concrete nails lowes. How can I nail it? Do you have to use an expansion screw to hang something?

Congratulations, you are not living in a "tofu slag building"! Otherwise, ordinary concrete nails lowes can be nailed without skill and experience. Can be nailed smoothly.
When the cement quality is good:
concrete nails lowes
1, should buy "thick and short" concrete nails lowes, do not choose "fine and long cement nails.

2, nail concrete nails lowes to choose the appropriate "nail hammer" according to the diameter and length of the nail, cannot use an ordinary hammer, that is, "professional "nail hammer" is very beneficial for fast, safe and efficient nailing, very Less flying nails.

3, nail concrete nails lowes need "high impact", that is: small hammer high-speed strike, but should avoid the high pressure of the big hammer, otherwise "pressing does not necessarily enter"
4, master these points, not necessarily, this simple work can be completed, but also closely related to the "concrete nails lowes experience, so that it can be completely solved.


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