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How to reduce PET steel strapping consumption

The use of any product, we hope to minimize the loss, PET steel strapping products are no exception, in theory, PET steel strapping products after each bundle of one package, there is no loss, but in fact, in use There are indeed some cases of PET steel strapping loss, and Yun Chong Trading will share with you how to reduce the loss of PET steel strapping products.

Reduce man-made damage

The man-made damage mentioned here includes the tip of the PET steel strapping. Try to avoid stepping on the foot. The PET steel strapping paper roll should be as careful as possible during the handling process. Do not break it, otherwise, the whole roll of PET steel strapping will not be used.

Reduce baler failure rate
PET steel strapping
Although the baler failure seems to have nothing to do with PET steel strapping, in fact, PET steel strapping is used when repairing the baler and debugging the baler, and each time the baler fails, a lot of PET steel strapping is wasted.

Keep it safe and avoid weathering

Most of the customers in this situation will be more clear, so they will pay more attention to the custody, mainly the first two, the user pays less attention.



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