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Iron Welded Wire Mesh Suppliers

Iron Welded Wire Mesh Suppliers,welcome to contact us.

Materials: low carbon steel bar Q195 or Q235 etc,hot dip galvanized wire
Finishing: Elotro galvanized,hot dip galvanized,pvc coating,pvc after hot dip galvanized etc.
Panel size : 1m x 2m , 2m x 2.4m , 2m x 3m etc
wire :4mm , 5mm , 6mm , 7mm,8mm , 10mm etc.
opening : 50mm x 50mm , 50mm x 75mm , 50mm x 100mm , 25mm x 50mm , 25mm x 75mm , 12.5mm x 75m

Hot dipped galvanizing after weaving
Weaving with hot dipped galvanized iron wire
Electric galvanizing after weaving
Weaving with electric galvanized iron wire
PVC coated welded wire mesh


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