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PET steel strapping features

Steel strip will be exposed to absorb moisture in the air and rust, rust permeability and easy to be contaminated packaging.PET steel strapping is beautiful, does not rust, environmentally friendly.

Without steel buckle combination, no indentation, scratching problem, can reduce the cost of packaging.

PET steel strapping does not have a sharp edge on the Strip, does not scratch the packaging, and does not hurt the hand.Even if the bundle is very tight, it will not hurt when cut.
PET steel strapping
After packaging its tightness good coverage.Packaging after long-distance transport, there will be expansion, contraction of the situation, PET tape can maintain good tension.

PET steel strapping has good ductility, good impact resistance, not easy to break, and can ensure the safe transportation of your products.

This product is most suitable for pallets and heavy goods Bale.

Mass production, stable quality, complete specifications, with portable Bale machine and pallet automatic Bale machine use, enhance packaging efficiency.


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