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PVC coated welded wire mesh for sale

PVC coated wire mesh:
PVC coated wire mesh selection of the first plating and hot-dip wire welding, the PVC or PE, PP powder after vulcanization coating the surface, with strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, bright color and so on.
Weaving and features:

Steel wire welding after plastic, with acid and alkali Resistance, Anti-Aging, do not fade, anti-UV, surface smooth and bright, beautiful and elegant appearance, durable and so on.

PVC coated welded wire mesh

Process standard:
PVC coated welded wire mesh with an advanced double protection system, can get very good adhesion, coating bright color, full color. The product is in full compliance with ASTM F668-99a and ASTM Framework F1063 and other standards, greatly improving the service life of the barrier products, but also to improve the hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh in the decorative effect is insufficient.


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