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Plastic steel strapping roll connector

The plastic steel strapping roll is generally used in factories and is used to bundle goods. The plastic steel strapping roll is a widely used strapping belt, and the popularity of the semi-automatic baler has accelerated the development of the packaging industry. What are the three joints of the plastic steel strapping roll?

1. Ligation. This type of joint is made of a soft plastic rope, hemp rope, etc., and the joint is knotted. This type of joint is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to unravel.

plastic steel strapping roll

2. Hot-melt lap joint. It adopts heating methods such as electrothermal welding, mechanical high-frequency oscillation welding, and ultrasonic welding. The surface of the plastic belt is heated and melted, and the melting surfaces of the two belt ends are overlapped and kept under a certain pressure for a certain time. After the melting surface is condensed, the way to bond the plastic with the joint. The joint method is suitable for polypropylene plastic belt, because the polypropylene plastic belt is mechanically fixed with a metal buckle, and its strength is only 50% of the base material, and the adhesive connection is not applicable.

3. Metal buckle type. In this method, the one-way work of the tensioner ratchet is first used to tension the belt, and then a metal buckle is placed at the joint, and then the clamp is used to wrap the iron buckle around the two layers of the belt, and the side teeth of the buckle are embossed. The tooth shape does not cause the belt to loosen. The iron buckle is usually made of galvanized iron, and the iron buckle of the appropriate specification should be selected according to the type of the strap.

The above joints are very safe. The plastic steel strapping roll can maintain a tightening force of 5% for a long time and does not return loose. It also has a 5% cushioning elongation when subjected to a strong external force to ensure the safety of the package. Because it does not have the sharp edges of the steel strip, it will not cause damage to the packaged object, and it will not cause any harm to the operator during the packaging and unpacking process.



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