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Pvc coated welded wire mesh Characteristics

Pvc coated welded wire mesh is a high-profile welded wire mesh made of high-quality galvanized iron wire by advanced automatic equipment. The plastic coating is flat and has good adhesion, which can effectively prevent corrosion and bright gloss. The PVC coated electric welding has a protective spiked net on the net. The wire is galvanized steel wire and PVC plastic coated to ensure the maximum strength and durability while protecting the appearance.

Material: low carbon steel wire, PVC coated wire

Color: green, black, white, etc., can also be customized according to customer requirements
pvc coated welded wire mesh
1) Anti-corrosion and rust prevention
2) Anti-aging, long service life
3) Beautiful appearance, no fading over time
4) Installation is quick and easy

Manufacturing process: After steel wire welding, it can also be electroplated, hot-plate and coated.

Uses Fence, decoration, protection and other facilities in industries such as industry, agriculture, municipalities, and transportation.

The PVC coated welded wire mesh is welded with the first hot-plated iron wire, and the PVC or PE and PP powder are vulcanized and coated on the surface, which has the advantages of strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, and bright color.



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