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The diamond mesh is the same and different from the Hexagonal Wire Netting

The difference between the hook wire and the Hexagonal Wire Netting is the similarities and differences between the hook wire and the Hexagonal Wire Netting.

  Let's talk about them all at once. They are the same they are the same in their original material can be the same.That is to say, as long as the hook can make the goods can make the flower net Ninghua net. And then there is a little bit of the same way they are processed. That is, each wire is a hook link. Hook flower net production process is similar to the wire hook turned into a hook flower net together. The hexagonal Wire Netting process is to make the adjacent wire twisted into hexagonal Wire Netting. While Hexagonal Wire Netting has divided into three screwed and five screwed.That is two similar metal wire can twist a three five seven eight laps. Then there is their field of application is similar.

Hexagonal Wire Netting

  The difference between the hook and the Hexagonal Wire Netting is:
  Hook flower net is made by the machine for a lot of metal wire crochet, can be divided into folding shrink, twist edge lock two kinds.
  They used to do what ordinary, ordinarily used in what road, railway, high-speed road this road fence, with the decoration of the house, a variety of livestock chickens and ducks and geese in this area can also be.


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