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The main classification of PET steel strapping

PET steel strapping is currently the most popular alternative environmentally friendly packaging material for steel strip, steel wire and heavy duty PP PET steel strapping. PET steel strapping is a wide range of packaging materials. It can be classified into the following categories according to different classification methods. PET steel strapping manufacturers introduce you to:
1, from the production of PP material can be divided into core tape and solid core tape;
2, from the quality of the product can be divided into transparent A, transparent B, A, AB, B, BC and C;
3, from the use of the baler can be divided into manual PET steel strapping, machine PET steel strapping (machine PET steel strapping is divided into automatic machine belt and semi-automatic machine belt);

PET steel strapping
4, from the use can be divided into packaging PET steel strapping and handicraft belt;
5, from whether the printing can be divided into printing tape and non-printing tape;
6, from the ability to withstand mainly PPPET steel strapping, plastic steel PET strapping (also known as PETPET steel strapping) and iron PET steel strapping;
7, from the production of PET steel strapping raw materials can be divided into new material PET steel strapping and recycled material PET steel strapping;
8. From the color point of view, there are mainly white PET steel strapping, gray PET steel strapping and color PET steel strapping.
The above is PET steel strapping as long as the classification of the introduction, I hope to help you, if you have other questions or needs, you can leave a message on our official website or call us, we look forward to your call!


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