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The use of galvanized hexagonal wire netting in everyday life

galvanized hexagonal wire netting is divided into small hexagonal netting and heavy hexagonal netting. Heavy hexagonal netting, also known as large hexagonal netting, large-size hexagonal netting, mountain protective netting, hanging netting, blocking stone netting, Durbin netting.

Hexagonal wire mesh weaving method: positive twist, anti-twist, two-way twist, first compiled after plating, first plated, galvanized hexagonal wire mesh, electro galvanized hexagonal wire mesh, PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh, stainless steel hexagonal wire mesh, etc.

galvanized hexagonal wire netting features rugged construction, flat surface, with good anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, and other characteristics.
Hexagonal wire netting use: for feeding chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fence, the construction industry, the wall batch network, wipe the wall net, enhance the ability of the wall structure, to prevent the generation of micro-cracks.

The heavy hexagonal network can be used for slope support, Mountain rock hanging network spraying, slope planting green, it can be made gabion cages, Stone pad cages, for rivers, dams and ponds erosion control and reservoirs, rivers with gravel cage closure.

The wire mesh in the production of a box-like container, filled with stones and other cages, can be used to protect and support the seawall, Hill, Road and bridge, reservoirs and another civil engineering, Flood Control and anti-flood material.

galvanised hexagonal wire netting

I plant PVC plastic hexagonal wire netting is a well-finished mesh after doing in-depth processing-----after heating the net roll in the net bread layer of PVC protective layer (green, black, yellow, brown, etc.), this layer of PVC protective layer will greatly increase the service life of the network, Anti-UV, anti-aging weathering effect, and through different color selection, it can and the surrounding natural environment integration.
Our factory galvanised hexagonal wire netting is made of high-quality low carbon steel wire weaving, the tensile strength of steel wire is not less than 20kg/m2, the diameter of steel wire can be up to 0. 4mm-5.0 mm, steel wire surface is usually also used electric, hot galvanized protection, galvanized protective layer thickness can be made according to customer requirements, galvanized large capacity can reach 300g / m.


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