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Uses and features of Concrete Nail

Uses and features of Concrete Nail

Concrete Nail.Commonly known as steel nails! Is a nail, is the use of carbon steel products, the material has 45 steel or 60 Steel, after drawing, annealing, nail, quenching, and other processing technology, so the texture is relatively hard! Its function is to nail on some of the more hard nails cannot be nailed to the other objects! Because the material is very different than ordinary nails, nails belong to special. Cement nail hardness is very large, coarse and short, very strong ability to wear.

Concrete Nail categories

Concrete Nail

Concrete Nail Rod has a slider, ruled, twill, spiral, bamboo and other common is ruled or slider.
Concrete Nail can also be divided into: Black Cement nails, blue cement nails, colored cement nails, countersunk cement nails, K Cement nails, t cement nails, galvanized cement nails and so on.


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