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Welded Wire Mesh reinforcement method

Welded Wire Mesh reinforcement method

Surface repair method. This method is suitable for narrow slits, which are used to restore the appearance of components and improve durability. This is a common thin film material along the crack surface. Filling method. When the crack is wide, it can be cut into V-shaped or u-shaped grooves along the crack surface and filled with a resin mortar material, or a material such as cement mortar or asphalt.

It is necessary to attach reinforcement methods. In this case, the size of the surrounding allows, Welded Wire Mesh wrapped in one or a few aspects of the structure to increase the cross section of steel, to improve its carrying capacity; If the crack of the component is serious, the crack is not broken or the side is cracked, the crack is broken. The outer layer of the steel protective layer is cut and Welded Wire Mesh is outsourcing; Large equipment base is generally through the increase of steel hoop, increase the tensile strength of the ring.

Welded Wire Mesh

The uneven foundation of the ground subsidence and the softness of the soil, or the non-uniform subsidence of the backfill caused by impregnation or immersion in water; Or because the template stiffness is insufficient, the template support RT spacing is too large or the support at the bottom is loose. Especially in winter.


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