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What is Concrete Nails ?

Concrete Nails Lowes is the cement nail.
Cement nail, commonly known as steel nail, is one kind of nail. It is made of carbon steel and is made of 45 # steel or 60 # steel. It is processed by wire drawing, annealing, nail making and quenching, so it is hard in texture. Its function is to nail objects that cannot be nailed by other hard nails, because the material is very different from ordinary nails and belongs to special nails. The cement nail is very hard, thick and short, and has strong drilling ability.

Concrete Nails Lowes
Concrete Nails Lowes has many kinds of nails, such as sliding pole, straight grain, twill, spiral, slub, etc. Generally, straight grain or sliding pole is common.
According to different classifications, cement nails can also be divided into black cement nails, blue cement nails, color cement nails, countersunk cement nails, k - shaped cement nails, t - shaped cement nails, galvanized cement nails and so on.


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