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What is Hexagonal Wire Netting

 Hexagonal Wire Netting category: light Hexagonal Wire Netting, heavy Hexagonal Wire Netting, PVC Hexagonal Wire Netting, galvanized Hexagonal Wire Netting.

 Hexagonal Wire Netting material: Low Carbon Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire.

 Hexagonal Wire Netting preparation: positive twist, anti-twist, two-way twist, the first series after plating, plating after the first series, and sub-galvanized, galvanized, PVC plastic.

 Hexagonal Wire Netting unique place: the structure is closely integrated, the appearance is not uneven, with satisfactory corrosion, oxygen resistance, and another unique place.

  Hexagonal Wire Netting for use: Hexagonal Wire Netting for chicken breeding, ducks, geese, rabbits, and zoo enclosures, machinery protection, high-speed road fence, gym fence, highway landscaping with protection network.The wire mesh in the manufacture of box-like containers, with stones and other stuffing cages, also known as gabion net. Can be used to take care of and support the seawall, Hillside, Bridge, reservoir and another civil engineering, is a good material for flood control and anti-flood roof.


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