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What to do when PET steel strapping is slipping when in use?

PET steel strapping is loved by the packaging industry for its many reasons, such as durability and affordability. But occasionally users and PET steel strapping manufacturers reflect that there will be slipping when packaging some products, what is the reason?

We all know that slipping is due to reduced friction, so we should increase the pressure and friction.

PET steel strapping

When we are loosening some things with PET steel strapping, such as when the wood and mechanical packaging slips, then we can use the plier's clip to close the smash, release the pressure and pliers side and smash the clip again. If the clip breaks flat, move to the next clip and smash each clip off to prevent any loose PET steel strapping. This situation is mainly caused by the looseness of the joint.

It is recommended that we check first when using it.


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