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Why is the surface of the Welded Wire Mesh galvanized?

  The galvanized process of the Welded Wire Mesh is classified as follows:

  1. Cold galvanized after degreasing, rust, showing no pollution, bright Welded Wire Mesh hanging into a special plating bath on the cathode, the anode is turned on with zinc DC power supply, zinc ions on the anode to the cathode relocation, and discharge at the cathode, so Welded Wire Mesh plated with a layer of zinc layer approach. The coating is relatively thin, usually between 15g-25g, so the service life is slightly shorter than that of hot dip galvanizing;

Welded Wire Mesh

  2. The hot dip is to melt the zinc, and then decreasing, Derusting after the Welded Wire Mesh by zinc liquid, forming the surface of the zinc coating, hot dip galvanized on the amount of zinc is more, the zinc layer is thicker, life will be a lot.
The zinc-plated wire Mesh is highly resistant to corrosion and can be used in more corrosive environments.

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