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buy concrete nail in china

buy concrete nail in china,we look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you.

Our group has become a stronger enterprise based on set of mesh design, processing, manufacturing and sales by continuous development and introduction of advanced production technology and equipment for many years.


Steel Concrete Nails
Galvanized Concrete Nails
Concrete Nails

Size: 1/2"-4"
Material: 45#steel,55# steel,60#steel
Surface Treatment: Bright, E. G, V. C, ZP and so on
Head: Flat Countersunk Head
Shank: Smooth/Flute shank
Point: Diamond Point or Needle Point
Packing Details: 1)20-25kgs/CTN, 2)50lb/CTN, 3)30lb/Bucket, 4)5kgs/Box, 4)1kg/Bag etc.


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