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electro galvanized hexagonal wire netting steel structure plant application

The construction method for galvanized steel structure workshop:
  1, electro galvanized hexagonal wire netting+insulation cotton+single color Board roofing
  2, galvanized steel wire (still stainless steel wire)+glass wool blanket + roof color steel plate
  3, double veneer aluminum foil + insulation cotton + roof color steel plate
  Benefits of using thermal electro galvanized hexagonal wire netting
  Width and length can follow the steel roof size custom, Xing speed, quality assurance; electro galvanized hexagonal wire netting and purlins with self-drilling screw connection is fixed, lap method using hot galvanized wire binding or lap a Grid (2 volumes of steel mesh overlap grid), Anping County Xiang Feng welding wire mesh factory production of hot galvanized steel mesh, whether it is

  Hot dip galvanized wire and stainless steel wire are adopted:

electro galvanized hexagonal wire netting

  Wire cross into a square, rectangular, diamond can be, around fixed to the purlin, pull knot in the form of the usual for the cable-stayed and straight pull, Anping Xiangfeng welded wire mesh factory felt spacing of about 20 cm is appropriate (Rachel pitch can be calculated according to the Pythagorean theorem).
  Using double-sided aluminum foil:
  This method does not use steel wire mesh and galvanized wire, and now use this method also has, afraid of falling now, this method is slightly higher than the cost of the above two.


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