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electro galvanized welded wire mesh in the use of building anti-cracking problem

To ensure that the house built exterior wall insulation construction quality point is to avoid the construction of exterior wall insulation layer is deformed, leading to the outer layer showing cracks, water seepage, aging, and other issues. Therefore, the insulation layer and the house to build the connection between the grass-roots level of work is the most important. The current house building exterior wall insulation construction presents the following problems:

  Swell EPS board is an economical and practical, features excellent construction of insulation materials, high tensile compressive strength, simple processing and production for other shapes. When the construction of foreign trade wiping layer presents cracks are generally due to the flatness of the outer wall of the construction shortage, leading to cracking mortar because of the thickness of the insulation layer and the line temperature elastic stress.EPS board horizontal and vertical metasomatic local presentation cracks. The external walls of the plaster layer thicker will show cracks in the time division, because the thickness is too thick will cause the glue to decline flexibility, and will show a crack when the EPS board shortened.EPS board in the construction process does not reach the product quality standards, will lead to the wiping layer showing cracks. Showing this situation not only affects the construction of no, but also seriously damaged the protective layer, reducing the use of the construction of the House.

electro galvanized welded wire mesh

electro galvanized welded wire mesh has a thermal insulation effect in the House façade system.electro galvanized welded wire mesh quality level and the use of durability is directly related to its function. In the construction of the house wall insulation if the gap between the electro galvanized wire mesh and polystyrene board is too small, or make electro galvanized welded wire mesh outside the plaster will hinder the electro galvanized wire mesh in the external wall insulation effect, leading to external wall impact strength is limited, in the electro galvanized welded wire mesh seams simply

Because in the construction design and construction process for the construction of exterior wall insulation construction details of the process is not enough attention, it will lead to some of the nodes and special parts of the construction issues presented, for example, in the balcony floor side beams, air conditioning panels and other parts of the simple presentation of the thermal bridge.The water in the house with the room near the wall of the external walls of the vertical moisture treatment is not carried out, which led to the exterior insulation layer constituted because of the freezing and thaw hollowing, shedding and other conditions.


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