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galvanised hexagonal wire netting

galvanized hexagonal wire netting is a type of galvanized metal wire mesh with a hexagonal mesh shape.

Hexagonal wire mesh is a wire mesh(hexagonal)made of wire mesh, the metal wire diameter is based on the size of the hexagonal different.If it is a metal wire hexagonal galvanized layer, using a wire diameter of 0. 3mm to 2. 0mm metal wire, if it is coated with a metal wire woven PVC hexagonal wire mesh, using an outer diameter of 0.8mm. 8mm to 2. PVC (metal)wire of 6mm.Twisted into a hexagonal, the outer edge of the frame line can be made unilateral, bilateral, side wire can be active.

galvanised hexagonal wire netting

galvanised hexagonal wire netting features: easy to use; saves transportation costs.It can be shrunk into small rolls and rolled into moisture-proof paper packaging, taking up very little space. Coating thickness uniformity, corrosion resistance stronger; simple construction, no special technology; have a strong ability to resist natural damage and corrosion resistance and adverse weather effects; can withstand a wide range of deformation, but still collapsed. From the fixed insulation effect.

galvanised hexagonal wire netting uses: building wall fixing, insulation, heat insulation; power plant tie pipe, boiler insulation; Frost, residential protection, landscaping protection; chicken breeding ducks, isolation chicken duck house, play a role in protecting poultry; protection and support the sea wall, Hillside, Bridge and other water and woodworks.


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