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galvanised hexagonal wire netting manufacturers

galvanised hexagonal wire netting manufacturers
Processing mode: twist, reverse twist, doubled sided twist

Electric galvanized hexagonal mesh;
Hot dipped galvanized hexagonal mesh;
PVC coated hexagonal mesh.

Feature:firm in structure, flat surface, with fine resistant to corrosion or oxidation.

Application: For poultry like chicken, duck, rabbit, and zoo fence

Characteristic: The structure is firm and smooth, , anti-oxidanting, anti-corrision.
Application: Widely used in building, oil, chemical industry, breed, plant protection, food processing reinforce, guard and heat-keeping, For example:making net cast, stone cage, insulated net wall, boiler cover, poultry fence, etc.
Packing: In rolls,wrapped with water-proof paper, or as your requirement.
Remark: Other sizes not mentioned may be ordered in advance.


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